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Curative Spa Kynzvart

What is the effect of the treatment of children in our treatment center?

The effectiveness of treatment lies, in simple terms, in the fact that, with the use of healing resources and other healing practices, we can achieve the "transformation" of the child, and thereby increase the defenses and improve his overall health. Treatment plans are determined individually by our physician.

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Our sports and rehabilitation center is available for you

The sports and rehabilitation center in Kynzvart Spa provides rehabilitation and relaxation to both the clients of the spa and the general public. The dominant of the sports center is a swimming pool with a paddling pool, located on the ground floor of the center building. It also offers a modern gym and sauna.

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The spa café invites you to a pleasant stay

The spa café is located on the ground floor of the spa house Prague on the south sunny side. In a pleasant modern environment, you can enjoy hot and cold drinks, ice cream cups or meals or pizza according to the daily menu. The café has a large terrace with children's play area.

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